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Your Stress Relief Specialists

The Remedy Room was co-created by Paula & Jean-Luc Casano.

A space designed and dedicated to deep relaxation, stress relief, pain release & more. Soft music, meditation, Essential oils, Energy Work & Bach Flower Remedies are used to guide one to balance.

Our goal is to take you out of your life routine for a moment, to a place of respite.A place where you can slow down your body & your mind.

Reiki energy work originated in Japan, it is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It is a gentle hands off energy treatment used to relax the body and the mind. This helps to align the chakras in the body & return one to balance.  

Bach Flower Remedies were created by Dr. Edward Bach,an English homeopath in the 1930's. The 38 original remedies, are known to gently restore balance between the mind and the body.

Consultations and education on how you can incorporate these remedies into your daily life are available.

 Special blends of essential oils imported from the South of France are available for specific needs. They can be diffused into the air to calm, stimulate or invigorate. Cotton towels are steeped in warm purified water infused with oils for comforting hand & foot wraps. Healing music is a wonderful backdrop for guided meditation and the perfect touch for deeper relaxation.

We provide guided one on one meditation classes. Simple methods of breathing and visualization to help you incorporate calm into your daily lifestyle.

We have created Reiki Level One, Two & Three certification classes that are designed for each individuals needs.